Severn River & Rehoboth Beach Houses
Rehoboth Beach - Ocean Elevation
Rehoboth - East
Rehobeth Beach - West Elevation
Rehoboth West

 The Rehoboth Beach House looks east over the Atlantic. It was built on a beach front lot, exposed to the harsh oceanfront environment. Bob was part of a team including owner, architect, engineer, and contractor that created the residence pictured here.

The Severn River House occupies a riverfront lot high above the Severn River in Annapolis, Maryland. Bob worked closely with the owner and contactor to create a home which satisfied the owners complex program and took full advantage of a spectacular location. The river front elevation is shown above.

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Rehobeth - Master Bedroom
Rehoboth Master Suite
Rehob0th - Entry
Rehoboth Entry
Severn - Riverfront Elevation
Severn - Riverfront

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