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 Two neighboring homes burned to the ground. The owners sought Bob's help with the daunting process of a fire restoration, on a waterfront site, in a neighborhood with an active H.O.A. and rigid architectural review requirements.
 Bob was able to provide design and architectural services that allowed for the homeowner's desired alterations and improvements to their residences, while still complying with the community's rigid architectural guidelines.
 Under Bob's guidance, rebuilding of the homes was completed to the satisfaction of the homeowners, insurance companies, local officials, and the community.

"Our home had to be rebuilt from the ground up. Bob came up with a number of dramatic improvements on the original, and we ended up with more of a custom–designed home. We were away for much of the construction time, but Bob's plans were so clear and complete, the builder had no problem following them to completion, with very little further input. Bob's plans covered every detail. He was very easy to work with, and accepting of our input. It was a joint effort, and Bob helped us to a very satisfying result. We can't say enough about his degree of professionalism."
– Fred & Lynn Dorsey

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