The Campbell House

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 Bob Moll worked the owner, Keith Campbell, on an architectural design that would take full advantage of the owner's spectacular building site in Maryland's Greenspring Valley. Overcoming a myriad of programmatic requirements, owner and architect saw the project through from initial consultation to occupancy. The result exceeded all expectations.
 The story doesn't end there. Many years later, the house suffered extensive fire damage with portions burning to the ground. Keith again called Bob, this time to save what was possible, rebuild, and add to the former house. Restoration involved the inclusion of insurance companies and a complex set of issues arising from a fire–damaged property. Two complete sets of drawings were needed; one limited to the fire restoration, another covering the proposed additions.

“We've actually worked with Bob on two projects — 20 years apart.
 We found Bob very considerate, capable, and pleasant to work with. Designing a house and seeing it through to completion is a big job — our last one took a year and a half, and Bob was with us all the way. By the time it was over, we were good friends.
 Bob is a thorough professional who goes above and beyond, to get the job done right. As an architect, his work speaks for itself."

– Keith and Pat Campbell

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